All press is good press. 

 Aura Rosenberg,  Perseus , 2017

Aura Rosenberg, Perseus, 2017

 Sophia Narrett,  Walk in Closet , 2017

Sophia Narrett, Walk in Closet, 2017

  Elephant Magazine  #32

Elephant Magazine #32

Feb 2018

I visited Doreen Garner's Invisible Man Tattoowhere the artist inks skin and celebrates black resilience, for Artsy.


Jan 2018

Teen Party opened its sixth show on January 13, a 2-person exhibition of the work of Aura Rosenberg and John Miller.

I talked to painter Jordan Kasey about bodies, rocks, and extreme heat, for


Dec 2017

My favorites from this year's Design Miami/ include Shaker chairs & a rather well-endowed door.


nov 2017

I wrote about 11 artists who use embroidery in their practice – a medium that never fails to impress me, for Artsy. 

Curator Jamie Sterns organized a 700+ artist show at Andrew Edlin Gallery, and I asked her in various ways if she's crazy. A story about fighting art world elitism, for Artsy.


Oct 2017

What's the biggest fake news about Detroit? I wondered, for


Sept 2017

I talked to artists Eva O'Leary & Sophia Narrett about their bold, feminist work for Elephant Magazine #32. Available now at bookstores in all its glossy, re-designed glory.

Teen Party was included in Numéro Magazine's round-up of the new crop of New York galleries. Read about it here.