Get yourself a girl who can do both.


I'm Ariela Gittlen, a designer and writer living in New York.

I design fine print & web products for magazines, fashion brands, universities, and advocacy groups.

I'm an editor-at-large at Elephant Magazine and a regular contributor to Artsy where I write about art, design, and visual culture. My writing has also appeared in T Magazine, Cultured, Modern Painters and The Miami Rail

I run a gallery called Teen Party with my husband Scott Indrisek. Here's an article explaining how we do it. We're also collaborating on a book about the artist Marc Hundley.

Design Clients

J.Crew, Victoria's Secret, Watkins College, Amplify Education, The Global Healthy Living Foundation, Watson & Co, Zady, Modern Painters, Art+Auction 

Let's Work Together

I'm available for both writing and design projects. Let's communicate. Email me.